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2014 Year in Review

85% of SAR2 members completed Marine Advanced / First Responder First Aid training

Summing Up Last Year

By Paul DeGrace

On behalf of Station 2 I would like to take this opportunity to sum up an exceptionally successful year. Not only did we break our stations all-time record for total number of missions in a calendar year, but we would also like to highlight the impressive personal achievements and volunteer hours contributed by our members, the significant increase, intensity, and diversity of training activity, incorporation of new life saving technology to the lifeboat, acquisition of improved personal safety gear for our SAR members, addition of new SAR and non-SAR members to the station, new level of marine advanced first aid certification, and to top it all off a new website.

First the Numbers…
  • Busiest RCM-SAR station in the Pacific with a total of 76 missions in 2014
  • No injuries
  • Station and lifeboat on-call and SAR ready 100% of 365 days in 2014
  • 85% of members completing Marine Advanced / First Responder First Aid training (same certification level as Firefighters)
  • 6 victims pulled out of the water and saved personal injury or possible death
  • Station expanded to 35 active on-call SAR members and 8 active non-SAR members
  • 5718 hours of recorded station volunteer time
  • 38,807 volunteer on call hours for SAR2
Our Volunteers…

SAR 2 is always on the go – amongst the accomplishments of our SAR crew were the recognition of excellence for specific members for their contributions to saving lives and providing exceptional SAR service in our community.

  • Dan Wright, Martyn  Shaw,  Neil Wildman,  David Hay, and Anthony Psillos recognized by the RCMSAR for responding to one of top 3 calls in 2014 for rescuing 5 people from a capsized vessel
  • Advanced crew member Carlos Sepluveda successfully completed the Coast Guard Rigid Hull Inflatable Operator’s Training (RHIOT) School in Bamfield, BC
  • Coxwain Dan Wright who was presented with the “Top Volunteer Dedicated to Boating Safety Award” by the Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC).
What Lies ahead for 2015…

2015 promises to be a very busy and productive year. The station has acquired and is putting into service a 28 foot Rigid Hull Inflatable which will serve as a second resource as a backup to our larger vessel and as an option to utilize when a smaller boat may be more effective. This vessel is an open boat and does require crew to be dressed in waterproof, cold weather gear that is being acquired as well. Crews will be participating in the 2015 SAR Exhibition hosted in West Vancouver, which will likely be RCM’s largest SAR-EX training event ever. We expect 2015 to be a busy year with increasing needs for equipment as well as maintenance. Crews will be busy taking part in several community events, as well as fundraising, training and vessel maintenance.

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