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Barry Sharp – NSLS President, SAR Crew

RCMSAR2 Member Profile #1

Barry Sharp


I’ve been a house husband for the past four years since coming to Canada. I was formerly a business manager for Saint Gobain

How long have you been a member of RCMSAR?

I’ve been a member since February 2012

On-the water interests and/or marine background?

I was born and raised in the South West UK with access to some of the most spectacular, dramatic, and beautiful coastlines in the world. To be truthful, my family was more deck chair, ice-cream, and knotted handkerchief than sailors/seafarers but the smell and the attraction of the ocean along with its wildlife remains with me to this very day.

As a young adult, I joined and thoroughly enjoyed the sea cadet programme. I was with unit T.S. Phoebe from 11 years of age to 16 which was school leaving age. During this time I was privileged to spend some summer vacation time on the minesweeper H.M.S. Alfriston, a vessel run at the time by R.N. reservists. I spent three weeks at H.M.S. Seahawk, a training base for Royal Navy fliers. One of the most memorable hours of my life was in a Wessex Mk5 helicopter. I spent a couple of summers at Whale Island gunnery school. While there, during Portsmouth Navy Days, dressed in full Naval Whites, I had the privilege of guarding – if only for thirty minutes – the most famous Navel Vessel in the world, H.M.S. Nelson! Even if it was only for thirty minutes under the glare of a hardened Royal Marine, my chest still burst with pride.

My world was turned upside down a little when applying for the Royal Navy and officer training. Government cutbacks had hit hard after the Falklands war and most intake groups were cancelled. I spent the next 25 odd years in business management and should have re-applied, but there you go. . .

Motivation for joining RCMSAR?

To fulfill some of the passion for being at sea from my youth, to meet local people, learn, explore, develop as a person, and to push my boundaries and comfort zones. To be involved with the community. The admiration I have for my wife as a Doctor and Kidney Transplant specialist at V.G.H. pushed and motivated me to learn how to help others in need. For the first time in my life I have the time and opportunity to truly give back.

Most memorable moments as a crew member?

Experiencing the power of working as a team on a critical incident, with the training kicking in, and the immense feeling of doing “our job.”

Most rewarding part of the job as a volunteer?

Pride, achievement, learning, putting and maintaining such a worthwhile service in the community.

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