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How to Donate

While our station is primarily volunteer driven, a 24×7 search and rescue lifeboat costs money, and we couldn’t do it without the help of our sponsors.  We very much appreciate the support we receive from BC Gaming, Seaspan, [etc]. Every dollar donated goes towards important lifesaving equipment and maintenance.  Our volunteers train for rescues in the harshest of weather conditions, and as such, require proper equipment to keep them safe as well as those that they are rescuing.  Your support of this vital service to our community is very much appreciated – please support our lifeboat and volunteers.

Bruce ChanStation Leader • SAR2



The Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue • Station 2 – North Vancouver (SAR2) is supported by The North Shore Lifeboat Society (NSLS). The Society is a volunteer run non-profit Canadian registered charity.

Created as a registered charity in 1987, the society raises and receives funds for the purpose of operating, maintaining, training crew, and rescue gear for the two lifeboats we utilize in search and rescue operations in the waters of English Bay, False Creek, Vancouver’s busy harbour, North Vancouver, Port Moody and Indian Arm. The NSLS is the fundraising body responsible for the SAR2 presence on the north shore. The all-volunteer Society is comprised of women and men with vastly varied backgrounds and age, who reside or work in the lower mainland. Most of the Society’s members are also active crew with Station 2.


  • Own, manage, maintain and operate a million dollars worth of SAR assets including a lifeboat.
  • Maintain a working agreement with the Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue – Pacific Region to crew the Society’s rescue vessel, and to support the activities and goals of the Pacific Region.
  • Actively raise funds to provide the financial requirements to acquire, maintain and operate two North Shore based SAR vessels and their extensive safety, rescue and electronic equipment.
  • Pay the vessel operating costs of training the volunteers of SAR2 who crew these vessels.
  • Seek partnerships with key sponsors.


Your support is greatly appreciated by the SAR2 volunteers.

Here are some examples on how your donations may be used:

  • $ 100 pays for a helmet to protect crew during rescues in rough seas and high speeds
  • $ 100 pays for a handheld spotlight for night searches for missing persons
  • $ 125 pays for a PFD vest for persons taken on board
  • $ 200 pays for the fuel for the Lifeboat for a rescue mission up to the end of Indian Arm
  • $ 250 pays for a crew member’s inflatable utility vest to give quick access to equipment and extra flotation
  • $ 500 pays for a portable VHF radio to communicate with a crew member assisting with your boat
  • $ 500 pays for a crewmember’s all-weather floatation suit necessary on BC’s freezing waters
  • $ 500 pays for the electronic chart card for GPS / radar plotter for night & bad weather searches
  • $ 1,200 pays for a basket stretcher & flotation collar necessary to rescue & transport casualties
  • $ 2,500 pays for an oxygen heat treat unit for hypothermic casualties to resuscitate hypothermic casualties

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