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Randy Strandt – Coxswain, former RCMSAR President

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Chartered Accountant working as Director of Finance for Beedie Development Group

How long have you been a member of RCMSAR

I’m been a member since 1998

On-the water interests and/or marine background

None. Don’t even like boats that much. I was a volunteer firefighter beforehand and enjoyed the environment, camaraderie and volunteer rescue service.

Motivation for joining RCMSAR

I came from a Volunteer Rescue background and had a passion for it. My dad and brother were also volunteer firefighters in the small community I came from and they instilled this in me from young age. I joined Station 35 – Victoria first (when I was in college there), then moved to Station 1 – West Vancouver, while finishing University and articling as a CA. I joined Station 2 in 2003 when I moved to North Vancouver.

Most memorable moments as a crew member

So many. My most positive was a call to find a gentleman awaiting a kidney transplant who was anchored in a bay somewhere near Gambier Island. The hospital needed to find him immediately as a kidney had become available. We found him on his sailboat at about 2 am in the morning, knocked on the boat, and advised him that we had to deliver him to VGH so that he could get the transplant. As we drove through English Bay on glass-calm waters, he sat on the back of our old West Van boat smiling as we all noted an Air Ambulance helicopter fly over us presumably with his new kidney. A very mundane and easy call but most rewarding.

On the tragic side, attending to ‘Sunboy Incident’ where 14 people were put in the water when they got tangled up with a tug and tow. Their boat had rolled over. There were 5 fatalities including 3 who were treated on our small boat as we tried in vain to resuscitate them (including small child). Even though it was tragic, there was satisfaction in knowing we were on scene within 2 minutes and gave these boaters the greatest chance to survive that we could have, as well as fact that 9 survivors were rescued.

Most rewarding part of the job as a volunteer

I get to associate with some of the best people on the planet. People who commit this much to volunteering tend to be some of the nicest, best human beings you could possibly find.

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