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The volunteer crews of the Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue • Station 2 (SAR2) provide dedicated Marine Search & Rescue services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Station 2 is based at Lynnwood Marina in North Vancouver, British Columbia, with an area of responsibility covering English Bay to the west, Port Moody Inlet to the east, and north to the tip of Indian Arm. We operate in one of the busiest and most challenging ports in Canada.

Station 2 is one of 40 marine rescue stations along the coast of British Columbia that are part of the Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue (RCMSAR) organization. RCMSAR is a key component in the BC marine search & rescue system. Our volunteers handle more than 600 marine emergencies every year.  We stand ready to leave our jobs and our families on a moment’s notice to help people in trouble on the water.

Our crews are highly trained, and equipped with specialized rescue vessels designed for the challenges of the West Coast.

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